About Us

Calm Global Information Technologies Limited is an Information Technology provider focused on providing IT solutions. CALM IT is set up to provide total solution in the health, education, document, financial, and relationship management.

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Our Values

For our organization to successfully achieve its goals and objectives, the following core values and philosophies are imbibed and displayed by each and every person from the Managing Director to the most junior staff.

Total Customer Satisfaction

All decisions and actions must lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We will always ask the question, Can it be done better?

Continuous Improvement

We adhere to best practices. However, we not only maintain standards, but ensure continuous business improvement.


Everything must be done as quickly as possible to satisfy internal and external customers.

World Class Company

Our facilities, work culture and people must compete favorably with those from any part of the world.


We work together as a team to achieve the set goals. Together Everyone Achieves More Success (TEAMS) is our watchword.

Our Partners